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What this handout is about. This handout will help you understand and write for the appropriate audience when you write an academic essay. Audience matters. When you're in the process of writing a paper, it's easy to forget that you are actually writing to someone. Whether you've thought about it consciously or not, you
When writing an academic paper, try to remember that your instructor is not the only member of your audience. Although the instructor is often the only person who will read the finished product, customizing a paper to his or her level of knowledge can run the risk of leaving out important information, since many instructors
Determining Audience. After coming up with a specific topic, it is also important to identify the audience for an essay. As a writer, your audience is not whoever reads the essay (this is far too broad) or even simply your instructor (of course he/she will read the essay). Instead, the audience is the group of people you want to
Voice is the sound created by the writer and the perspective from which the piece is written; voice is created primarily through tone and point of view. Tone is the way the writing sounds to the reader. Is it serious, flippant, sarcastic, reasoned, witty, humorous, casual, or some mixture of these elements? Academic writing, such
An analysis paragraph in academic writing fulfills the same purpose. Instead of deconstructing compounds, academic analysis paragraphs typically deconstruct documents. An analysis takes apart a primary source (an essay, a book, an article, etc.) point by point. It communicates the main points of the document by
This refers to the type of writing you are doing and it ranges from a simple narrative essay to a more complex data-driven research paper. Each of these types have a specific purpose and are, therefore, structured in ways that help you, the writer, achieve the intended effect for a specific audience. These are some of the most
Helpful Tips on Writing for an Academic Audience. It's important to remember that different audiences require different writing styles—you should write your Facebook status updates differently than your college papers, for instance. Here are some tips on how to write for an academic audience: FACEBOOK: We use “very,”
... career that when writing for an academic audience, you must use an impersonal, “objective tone.” However, you might ask, how can academic writing still require you to express your opinion about ideas and issues? For example, in your academic writing you will often answer essay questions such as: What do you think?
You can describe your audience directly. For example, in an essay to persuade smokers to avoid smoking around their children, you might include a statement like: 'Many smokers are unaware of how much second-hand smoke endangers the health of their children.' This describes the audience of 'smokers' directly.
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